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Taxpayer Advocate

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National Taxpayer Advocate "Reports to Congress and Research"


By law, the National Taxpayer Advocate must submit two reports to Congress each year.

2014 Report to Congress

Previous Reports to Congress

Each year, the National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA) must submit two reports to Congress. To view previous reports, click the links below. 

Previous Annual Reports:

Previous Objectives Reports:

The Objectives Report, delivered each June, contains the goals and activities planned by the Taxpayer Advocate for the coming fiscal year.

Above updated 2013

The first report (Objectives Report), delivered each June, contains the goals and activities planned by the Taxpayer Advocate for the coming year.

The second report (Annual Report), delivered at the end of December, includes: A summary of the 20 most serious problems encountered by taxpayers; recommendations for solving those problems; and other IRS efforts to improve customer service and reduce taxpayer burden.

See ARC "REPORT CARDS" for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

TAX Year 2007 Congressional District Statistics:  TAS produces taxpayer statistics summaries annually for each Congressional District.  This latest version contains statistics for tax year 2007 processed in 2008.  Each state is listed on a separate sheet containing state totals followed by a breakdown for each congressional district.  The totals are stratified by income levels listed at the top of each sheet.   


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: January 05, 2011


National Taxpayer Advocate's 2010 Annual Report to Congress!


Executive Summary

News Release

Dedication, Preface, and Table of Contents

The Most Serious Problems Encountered by Taxpayers: Top Five Issues

1. The Time for Tax Reform is Now

2. The IRS Mission Statement Does Not Reflect the Agency's Increasing Responsibilities for Administering Social Benefits Programs

3. IRS Performance Measures Provide Incentives that May Undermine the IRS Mission

4. The Wage & Investment Division is Tasked with Supporting Multiple Agency-Wide Operations, Impeding its ability to Serve its Core Base of Individual Taxpayers Effectively

5. IRS Policy Implementation Through Systems Programming Lacks Transparency and Precludes Adequate Review

Additional Issues:

Most Serious Problems 6-15: Taxpayer Rights Issues

Most Serious Problems 16-21: Tax Administration Issues

Status Updates on Previously Identified Problems

Legislative Recommendations

The Most Litigated Issues

TAS Case Advocacy


Volume 2: TAS Research and Related Studies

Previous Reports


National Taxpayer Advocate's 2007 Objectives Report to Congress


The Advocate's Report, which is required by law, notes that the IRS is under significant pressure both to reduce the tax gap and to maintain and improve taxpayer services.

News Release - Issued 07/13/06

National Taxpayer Advocate's 2005 Annual Report to Congress!
National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today released her 2005 Annual Report to Congress, in which she urges Congress to enact fundamental tax simplification. The report spells out a series of core principles for simplifying the tax code.

News Release

Prior Annual Reports

Taxpayer Assistance Order  - IRC Section 7811

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