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August 18, 2017

IRS Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifer and Doubt as to liability update

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August, 2017 – Offer In Compromise Pre-Qualifier.

The IRS has an Offer In Compromise Pre-Qualifier “tool”. It is at this link

While the IRS Offer Pre-Qualifier tool may be useful to some taxpayers, the problem is that it imposes the IRS standards from the IRS tables. Thus, the IRS pre-qualifier does not take into account a taxpayer’s particular facts and circumstances as required by law. This may result in taxpayers who would otherwise qualify for an Offer, deciding not to bother because the Pre-Qualifier sets forth an unrealistic Offer amount detached from the taxpayer’s real world situation.

With the continuing push towards more and more on line “solutions” and computerized “analysis”, you can expect that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, including the “Right to Quality Service – Taxpayers have the right to receive prompt, courteous, and professional assistance in their dealings with the IRS, to be spoken to in a way they can easily understand …”, and the “Right to a Fair and Just Tax System – Taxpayers have the right to expect the tax system to consider facts and circumstances that might affect their underlying liabilities, ability to pay, …”) — will become mere symbolic platitudes, unless Americans demand meaningful “service” (and that doesn’t mean interface with a robot).

May 24, 2017

For those who are thinking of submitting a Doubt as to Liability Offer in Compromise, be sure to use the correct form. The IRS has issued a May, 2017 version of Form 656-L – OIC Doubt as to Liability.

See Form HERE

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