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IRS  Wage Levy Release Guarantee will guarantee that your  IRS Wage Levy will be released or modified to an agreeable level, or you will receive a FULL REFUND of fees paid for this Special Wage Levy Release Program.

The fact is that the IRS has  become more "difficult" to deal with.  Collection of Money is their  focus, and American Citizen Taxpayers are in the IRS's gun sights.  On several recent cases, I have dealt with IRS employees who didn't care about  hardship,   inability to pay housing, or even putting food on the family dinner table.  What was interesting (or rather "chilling") was the total lack of any logical thinking on the part of these IRS employees.   The levies were released and/or modified appropriately, but only after substantial argument by legal counsel, and obviously, after using appropriate procedures for resolution.  

The fee is $450.00 for this program. Please call to discuss your situation and see if you qualify. The call is  Toll Free: 1-866-482-9707.


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