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IRS LEVY SCAM ALERT - 2017: Be aware of criminals impersonating IRS agents. Among other tactics, they threaten police arrest, license revocation, “urgent” callback requests through phone “robo-calls,” or via a phishing email, demand immediate payment using a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer. (read more here)

IRS Scam Alerts:  The Internal Revenue Service has warned taxpayers against telephone scammers targeting students and parents during the back-to-school season and demanding payments for non-existent taxes, such as the “Federal Student Tax.” (read more here)

IRS Scam Alerts  Aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remain a major threat to taxpayers, but now the IRS is receiving new reports of scammers calling under the guise of verifying tax return information over the phone. (read more here)

An IRS levy is a seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. Levies are different from liens. A lien is a claim used as security for the tax debt, while an IRS levy actually takes the property to satisfy the tax debt. Read more about - what an IRS levy is about.

 When the IRS issues a levy - will there be a human to help? Read the Taxpayer Advocates Most Serious Problem discussion   - The the 2015 Annual Report to Congress is -->  Here  

How does the age of outstanding tax liabilities relate to IRS Collections - The 2015 Annual Report to Congress is here --> Research Study: IRS Collectibility Curve

You have an IRS levy - what about CAP?  The 2015 Taxpayer Advocate Report - Read about it Here:

COLLECTION APPEALS PROGRAM (CAP): The CAP Provides Inadequate Review and Insufficient Protections for Taxpayers Facing Collection Actions ... "One of the dangers confronting taxpayers as they try to choose between their CAP and CDP options is the chance that an inopportune decision could cost them the possibility of a substantive review."

IRS Levy Tax Fraud Alert  Persons are contacting taxpayers who owe the IRS and falsely representing themselves as being from the IRS Treasury Department. They are falsely telling taxpayers that an arrest warrant has been issued and that they must immediately make a payment to avoid arrest. Some of them are extremely demanding and threatening. Sometimes they demand payment via pre-paid cards, and sometimes want to meet the taxpayer at a "location". This can be very dangerous in addition to your being defrauded.

If you do not pay your taxes (or make arrangements to settle your debt), the IRS may seize and sell real or personal property that you own or have an interest in. This can be devastating. The IRS can:

  • seize and sell property that you hold (such as your car, boat, or house), or
  • levy property that is yours but is held by someone else (such as your wages, retirement accounts, dividends, bank accounts, licenses, rental income, accounts receivables, the cash loan value of your life insurance, or commissions).  
  • Cause your checks to bounce and your home rent or mortgage payment is returned NSF. Your stress level is increased, and when you call the IRS line you listen to music. After being on hold, you "finally" reach someone to get your IRS levy released, and it becomes obvious that the IRS person you are speaking with to get levy relief doesn't possess the skill level to even balance their own checking account. Rather, they want more information from you,  and you finally realize that they are merely listing out other assets for further levy and seizure. Many times the IRS employees set you up to fail and default any "agreements" you make.

The economy is in very bad shape and getting worse. The last thing your family  needs is to be hit with an IRS levy. With the IRS levy abuse continuing, you may not receive the needed relief without engaging experienced tax counsel.  Don't wait until the levy and seizure happens. Contact me in advance to avoid the IRS levy or wage garnishment. Be proactive and take control of your life.

If  you owe the IRS back taxes, you may have already experienced an IRS levy, IRS wage garnishment, seizure, or suffered from the filing of an IRS tax lien.  In that case, your immediate objective is to get relief from the levy or wage garnishment. Your long term plan may involve an Offer in Compromise, installment agreement, innocent spouse relief, or other tax resolution.  As an experienced tax attorney, I work with taxpayers and the IRS to arrive at solutions so that you can get your life back. The consultation is free.  

You can put over 24 years of IRS levy relief experience on your side.   All you have to do is to pick up the phone and call me to discuss your IRS problem.  Reading on the internet about an IRS levy is one thing, but when you need help NOW, you need someone experienced in trench warfare with the seizure arm of the IRS.  You need a solution for your wage garnishment or bank levy.  The call is free. 

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Offer in Compromise: 

What is an Offer in Compromise?

An IRS offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer's tax debt. The IRS has the authority to settle, or "compromise," federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances. A tax debt can be legally compromised by way of an Offer in Compromise for one of the following reasons:

  • Doubt as to Liability - Doubt exists that the assessed tax is correct. 
  • Doubt as to Collectibility - Doubt exists that you could ever pay the full amount of tax owed. 
  • Effective Tax Administration - There is no doubt the tax is correct, and no doubt that the amount owed could be collected, but an exceptional circumstance exists that allows the IRS to consider a taxpayer's Offer in Compromise. To be eligible for an Offer in Compromise on this basis, the taxpayer must demonstrate that collection of the tax would create an economic hardship or would be unfair and inequitable.

Offer in Compromise and IRS Policy:

 Policy Statement P-5-100 states:

The Service will accept an offer in compromise when it is unlikely that the tax liability can be collected in full and the amount offered reasonably reflects collection potential. An offer in compromise is a legitimate alternative to declaring a case currently not collectible or to a protracted installment agreement. The goal is to achieve collection of what is potentially collectible at the earliest possible time and at the least cost to the Government. The Toll Free Number for an Offer in Compromise is 1-866-482-9707.

Click here to learn more about the IRS Offer in Compromise. 


IRS Levy / IRS Wage Garnishment:

The Internal Revenue Code  authorizes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to collect taxes by levy upon a taxpayer’s property or rights to property if the taxpayer neglects or refuses to pay the tax within 10 days after receiving a notice and demand to pay the tax. The IRS can levy a taxpayer’s salary and wages, bank accounts, or other money that is owed to the taxpayer.  An IRS levy on your bank account or an IRS wage garnishment can result in economic hardship. It can render you unable to pay critical business and personal expenses.  If you desire immediate tax help, please contact to resolve your IRS levy or IRS wage garnishment problem. The Toll Free Number for release of an IRS levy / IRS Wage Garnishment is 1-866-482-9707.

Click here for a free IRS Levy or IRS Wage Garnishment consultation.

Click here to learn more about an IRS Levy.

Click here to learn about the Wage Levy Release Guarantee.


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When your tax problems are serious and you want your life back, call The Law Office of A. Nathan Zeliff, Attorney at Law.

With over 24 years of experience, I help people and businesses with all types of IRS tax problems and California tax problems, including: IRS levy, seizure, wage garnishments, wrongful levies, tax debts preventing the sale or operations of a business, liens, subordinations, certificates of discharge, designated payments,  examinations, audits, offers in compromise, trust fund (100% penalties), appeals, California sales taxes, SBE revocation of sellers permit, Employment Development Department, and U.S. Tax Court litigation.

My law office is devoted to seeking tax solutions for Internal Revenue Service and California tax levies, seizures, garnishments, failure to file returns, 100% penalties, installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, and helping you get your life back in order.

Information is included for tax professionals, and includes the following tax topics (and others): 

IRS Levy,   Bankruptcy and Offer in Compromises; Offer in Compromise ; Innocent Spouse; Installment Agreements; Collection Standards - IRS; IRS Manual; Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Tax Savings and Topics; IRS Tax Forms; State Taxes; and United States Tax Court.  ... Taxpayer Defense



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